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We are your reliable and experienced partner for all your medium to large E-Commerce projects. We offer advice, support and services starting with the initial planning stage all the way to the final roll-out of your online store and the ongoing maintenance and support. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, pure player or B2B manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing a most comprehensive service for a solid and long-term growth of your E-Commerce business.

China, Japan, Korea & APAC Localization

Only if your online-shop is fully adapted to the local market can you as merchant be successful in selling your products and services. This goes far beyond just translating your E-Commerce site into another language and hoping that local online consumers in China, Japan and other countries will adapt to the same online shopping experience that you provide in “western” countries.

Meanwhile, E-Commerce in China and the APAC region is radically different from E-Commerce anywhere else in the world. Some of the features that need to be considered to be successful in your local target market(s) are:

  • Local design and usability features
  • Comprehensive language adaption
  • Checkout process and input field adaption
  • Payment and logistics integration
  • Social Network integration
  • And other local features that are either common (best practices) and/or necessary (e.g. legal requirements, integration with other local 3rd-party systems, etc.)

With our experience from hundreds of local projects for the Mainland and Greater Chinese, Japanese, Korean and SE-Asian E-Commerce markets we provide comprehensive services to fully adapt your E-Commerce platform to your local market.

Some of our services include:

Front-End: Design, Accessibility and Aesthetics

  • We make sure that your E-Commerce solution is compliant with older browsers so no potential customer is “left behind”
  • We understand and advise you on the “design peculiarities” of Chinese and Asian websites
  • We advise you on the usability that fit your product selection and your target group

Checkout Process and Usability

  • We optimize the checkout process of your E-Commerce platform to increase usability for local e-shoppers
  • We systematically integrate specific regional constraints, such as local city districts
  • We implement input fields in order to generate legally required invoices (e.g. “fapiaos” in China)

Payment: Systems, Modules and Integration

  • We provide solutions to integrate the local payment methods, where e.g. COD (Cash on Delivery) is a common payment option
  • We advise you on the methods and obstacles of integrating payment solutions with payment through Internet banking and other payment providers
  • We have rich experience in integrating the major local payment modules into open source E-Commerce systems

Delivery: Options and Implementation

  • We integrate the preferred delivery time option into the checkout process of your E-Commerce solution
  • We define with you condition-specific delivery fees within your E-Commerce solution
  • We implement automatically updating tracking order statuses through a seamless API integration of various delivery methods

Social Networks

  • We work with and implement the main Chinese, Japanese and other local social networks and instant update services: Sina Weibo, Kaixin, Renren, etc.
  • We implement share product / open ID functionalities for all major Chinese social networks

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