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BLUECOM Insights

BLUECOM Insights

     Our understanding and knowledge of the E-Commerce market in Asia


Transformation of B2B E-Commerce Buyer Expectations in China

The B2B E-Commerce market in China continues to experience strong growth, an estimated 29% growth in transaction volume, from RMB 10 trillion in 201…
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The Service Providers’ Perspective – Retail In China

Winning in global markets for multinational companies in the China Market is complex to say the least. In particular, the Retail industry in China i…

Status and Prospects of E-Commerce in China

Last year, Chinese e-commerce shoppers spent CNY1.3 trillion ($213 billion) online, just slightly below the $225 billion that US online shoppers spe…

Chinese Payment Gateways

In China, Paypal is totally absent from the online market (it is instead mainly focusing on helping Chinese merchants to sell abroad), therefore you…

Your Tmall Store VS Your Own E-Commerce Website has been originally introduced by Taobao in 2008 to give a space to brands to sell their own products by making sure that only brand owner…

Logistics Challenges of China’s E-Commerce

Logistics will be a challenge as e-commerce players attempt to reach a mass market over wider geographic regions while improving the quality of thei…

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